Friday, March 12, 2010

Big Government supporters have also woken up -- to a NIGHTMARE.

The Grassroots of America have WOKEN UP -- and we're taking our country back.

The Republican Party is finally learning to stop taking the PEOPLE for granted, instead of running as "conservatives" and then governing as "Democrat light" once they're elected.
And the Democrat Party is finally realizing that, thanks to their attempts to turn America into a socialist country, they could LOSE both houses of Congress, AND they face massive losses in state house races around the country.

So how do they respond? Do they repent? Do they "come clean"? Do they start doing the will of the people and obeying the Constitution?

NO -- instead, the same old political hacks like Bill Clinton and James Carville are planning to "take down" Tea Party leaders with large-scale attacks on the leaders themselves -- the old "politics of personal destruction."
And the message we're delivering to them is: you're going to fail, because WE THE PEOPLE ARE THE TEA PARTY LEADERS!
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