Friday, February 5, 2010

US in line of fire as China toughens up foreign policy

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China's foreign minister Yang Jiechi

China signalled its intent to pursue a more assertive foreign policy, saying "a fifth of mankind" had a right to be heard, and stating its opposition to the west on a range of issues.

The country's foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, threatened retaliation for American arms sales to Taiwan, and made it clear that China was prepared to stand alone among the permanent members of the UN security council in opposing sanctions against Iran.

"We are offering views but we have the modesty to listen to others. That has always been the tradition of China, but I think, we also deserve a hearing of one kind or another. One country, two countries three or four countries can definitely not decide the future of the world."

China has already privately signalled to the US and its allies that it would oppose any new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear programme. Hitherto, China has avoided standing alone among the permanent five members of the security council on the Iranian nuclear programme.

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