Wednesday, February 17, 2010

News Roundup: Obama Spinning The Stimulus, Hillary Clinton On Sarah Palin And Blanche Lincoln Quitting?

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Obama and the Democrats are trying to spin the stimulus bill as some sort of success. Via USA Today:

In a report from Vice President Biden to President Obama, the White House claims credit for saving or creating 2 million jobs so far with the $862 billion economic stimulus law.

The report also says 20 million people have received extended unemployment benefits under the act, and 95% of working Americans have seen their taxes cut.

Saved or created. That bit is getting old. The United States lost 2.8 million jobs since the stimulus was passed. Heck even Gibby is having a tough time spinning  a steady10% unemployment rate:

The left just can’t help themselves… They just can’t:

Could Blanche Lincoln be next? According to the Sydney Morning Herald, it is a possibility:

The US President, Barack Obama, is facing humiliation in this year’s mid-term elections after a wave of desertions by Democratic senators who have retreated from tough challenges from a resurgent Republican party.

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