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Interpol and European Arrest Warrants

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  • "In September 2009, Interpol inaugurated The Office of the Special Representative of Interpol to the European Union (EU). Interpol said it marked “a milestone in the continuing collaboration between the two organisations.” (Interpol media release, 25th Sept., 2009). This ‘non-police’ police ‘database’ certainly gets around! Notice how it is linking up with huge international groups, such as the UN and EU? Also note that the UN, EU and Interpol are socialist, with socialist intentions. Interpol said this is “the latest step in identifying and developing new areas for cooperation between the two institutions in joint efforts to enhance regional and global security.” President of Interpol, Khoo Boon Hui, believes the new office “demonstrated the collective commitment of the EU and Interpol to work hand in hand to make the world a safer place.” Safer for whom? And who defines what a threat is? And where is the proof that we need a global police state? Security is a key excuse used by socialism to grab control of the world. So, Interpol is handed total freedom to act within the USA and outside it, and also within and outside the EU! I would call that global governance, wouldn’t you? And whilst many are critical of references to Interpol as a ‘police organisation’, it is what its own president calls it: “Interpol (is) the world’s largest police organisation.” ! Secretary General, Ronald Noble, speaks of Interpol “looking beyond regional and political borders, particularly when globalisation means that events and crises on the opposite side of the world now have international repercussions.” This, though, is NOT an argument for Interpol to become the world’s policeman. It is, rather, an argument for each country developing its own professionalism and assisting other countries that might need its expertise and information. The Special Representative, Pierre Reuland, has his offices and staff in Brussels, the EU’s home. Rueland said that “An important part of (our work) will be linking Interpol’s global tools to th

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