Thursday, February 11, 2010

Europe Rejects Obama’s Request To Share Bank Data & The Administration Wants To Track Your Cell Phone

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For a bunch of people who supposedly were enthralled with Obama, they really aren’t big fans of his policies. Via the WSJ:

The European Parliament exercised its new powers Thursday, rejecting a controversial data-sharing deal between the European Union and the U.S., designed to track international financing for terrorism.

Several senior U.S. officials, including Vice-President Joe Biden and the secretaries of state and the Treasury, told numerous EU officials, including parliamentarians, “about the importance of this agreement to our mutual security,” the U.S. mission said in a statement.

It seems that the EU is more concerned about it’s citizens privacy than Our Own Government. Speaking of privacy…

The Obama Justice Department is pushing for warrantless tracking of cell phones. Via C-Net:

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