Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brits 'waking up' to Islamic influence

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British flag smallA British-born scholar who now lives in Jerusalem says the British government is finally starting to take steps to stem the tide of Islamic expansion that has led to home-grown anti-Semitism, much of which has been driven by radical Islam.

Recently the British government banned an Islamic group notorious for glorifying al-Qaeda and tied to terror plots both in Britain and abroad. Members of the cell were reportedly involved in the July 7, 2005, London Transit bombings.
Dr. Robert Wistrich (Hebrew Univ.)"London has been one of the hubs of Islamic radicalism. It also has a large Muslim population," the author notes. "The British authorities were very, very slow to pick up on this, but they have slowly but surely begun to address the problem.

"But...sometimes you can take liberalism too far," Wistrich continues, "and you allow the enemies of democracy to destroy you from within before you wake up in time. So this is to some extent a late awakening -- but better late than never."
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