Thursday, January 21, 2010

Whaling Protesters Pioneer Non-lethal Warfare

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Whaling Protesters Pioneer Non-lethal Warfare

In an article called “Streetfight on the High Seas,” the magazine interviews Sea Shepherd founder Paul Watson. He describes how the group went into action in a converted whaling ship and a 78-foot wave-piercing trimaran, capable of 45 knots. This boat is often described as looking like something out of a Batman movie; a million dollars of the purchase price was supplied by Hollywood lighting magnate Ady Gil, and the boat was named after him.

Stink bombs – or malordorants, as the military prefer to call them - might be a handy weapon against the whalers. The Israeli Navy have used a “skunk spray” against Palestinian fishing boats. Contamination with the bad smell caused some fishermen to abandon their catch; applying a similar smell to whales might have the same effect.

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