Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Castor and Nelson: High-speed rail coming to Florida

It seems Florida has money.
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"President Obama wants to increase the pace of recovery," Castor said in a press release. "Creation of thousands of jobs for Floridians will accelerate better times in Florida. Construction workers will be needed to build rail lines. Engineers will be needed to lay the groundwork. Operations and maintenance workers will be needed to keep the line running smoothly. The ripple effects cannot be understated.

Florida sought $2.5 billion in federal stimulus funds to build a high-speed line between Tampa and Orlando.  It's unclear whether the state will get all it's asking for. 

The Florida Department of Transportation says high-speed rail is a transportation system that provides efficient, reliable and comfortable city-to-city travel at speeds of 120 mph or greater. High-speed trains contain modern amenities and conveniences, and are time and price competitive with other forms of transportation.

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