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Sunday, August 7, 2016

How the world's largest military stacks up to the US armed forces

How the world's largest military stacks up to the US armed forces

China militaryMilitary delegates arrive at the Great Hall of the People for a meeting ahead of the opening ceremony of the National People's Congress (NPC), in Beijing, China, on March 4.REUTERS/Jason Lee

A recent report from the US Congressional Research Service outlines China's 2.3 million-member armed forces and sheds light on misconceptions from Western military analysts.

Simply put, the report challenges the idea that Westerners can understand China's military and foreign-policy decisions without first understanding Chinese philosophy and culture of warfare.

Unlike the US, China has a media apparatus controlled by the state, so its military reports lack the transparency established by a free press.

China also has a fundamentally different understanding of aggression. For the Chinese, there is little difference between peacetime and wartime cyber espionage, and they have engaged in stealing military secrets from the US and others because they can.

The report, written by Ian E. Rinehart, a CRS analyst in Asian affairs, urges Congress and military leadership to examine a "Chinese way of war."

Specifics of the report, detailed below, show how China has stepped up to rival the US's military might in the Pacific:

See full article here. 


LEAKED: Hillary’s Private Meetings With Muslim Brotherhood Officials Secretly Recorded

LEAKED: Hillary’s Private Meetings With Muslim Brotherhood Officials Secretly Recorded

It has become widely known that Huma Abedin is connected directly to the Muslim Brotherhood. As it turns out, she has been secretly recording meetings with Hillary Clinton and some of the videos have been intercepted by anonymous black-hat hackers.

Julian Assange, infamous hacker and founder of WikiLeaks, has been announcing for weeks that more leaks are coming soon. He foretells that the next leak will be enough evidence to convict Hillary Clinton of treason and it looks like he may be right.

We have been able to confirm that the substance of the leaks will be evidence of a vast conspiracy within our government. It appears that Huma Abedin secretly recorded Hillary Clinton giving names of everyone involved in this conspiracy to subvert our nation.

Huma Mahmood Abedin has worked with Clinton since 1996 where she began as an intern in the west wing. For most of the past 20 years, Huma has served as Clinton’s “body–woman”, which is basically a glorified lady’s maid. She now sits as the vice chair in Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

See the full article here, http://teapartyorg.ning.com/forum/topic/show?id=4301673%3ATopic%3A4292656&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_topic

Listen to the tapes: Intel undercuts Liar Hillary Clinton’s primary argument for Libya military action

If genocide were truly her motive, wouldn’t Hillary and Obama have moved to save the Christians and religious minorities from genocide in Syria and Iraq back in 2012? We issued a call to the Obama administration warning of the impending genocide of Christians, it elicited nary a yawn from the yellow pantsuit.

January 12, 2012: Stop Islamization of Nations (SION) Calls On UN to Protect Christians of Syria from Impending Genocide

The crushing, historical failure in Libya, the rise of ISIS in Africa, the spread of Islamic wars across Africa and the Middle East are a direct result of the Hillary and Obama’s foreign policy jihad.

Listen to the tapes: Intel undercuts Hillary Clinton’s primary argument for Libya military action. The intelligence community gathered no specific evidence of an impending genocide in Libya in spring 2011, undercutting then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s primary argument for using the U.S. military to remove Moammar Gadhafi from power, which cast his country into chaos.


Listen to the tapes: (click on the links below)

- See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2016/08/listen-to-the-tapes-intel-undercuts-liar-hillary-clintons-primary-argument-for-libya-military-action.html/#sthash.g8MVLFLS.dpuf

See the full article and listen to the tapes here. 

Listen to the tapes: Intel undercuts Liar Hillary Clinton’s primary argument for Libya military action


'ISIS Is Not the Problem,' Says Christian Convert Tortured and Thrown to Dogs

'ISIS Is Not the Problem,' Says Christian Convert Tortured and Thrown to Dogs

Full article here. http://www.christianpost.com/news/christian-convert-tortured-thrown-to-dogs-isis-is-not-the-problem-167391/

By Samuel Smith , CP Reporter
August 2, 2016 |4:15 pm
ISIS(Photo: Reuters)

ISIS militants in Iraq are seen in this undated photo.

French priest  during a morning mass in Normandy that "ISIS is not the problem."

Majed el-Shafie (Photo: One Free World International) Majed el-Shafie

In an interview, Shafie, who was the subject of the 2012 documentary "Freedom Fighter," shared the story of how he was imprisoned, heinously tortured and sentenced to death by government actors in Egypt for converting from Islam to Christianity and helping build house churches in 1998.

"They shaved my head, they put my head in freezing cold water and then into boiling hot water," Shafie was quoted as saying. "They burned their cigarettes on me, they electrocuted me.

"They cut me and put salt in my wounds," he added. "I still wake with nightmares about it, even now 20 years on."

Shafie never lost his faith throughout the ordeal, and recalled a "miracle" moment when the guards let a pack of dogs into his cell, expecting them to maul him. 

"Quite honestly many people don't believe in miracles and that's fine, but when they released the dogs I sat in the corner and covered my face to the best of my ability," he explained. "I tried to protect my back and chest. … The dogs came and I prepared for pain and agony but I could not feel any."

"I moved my arms and the dogs were sitting around me. None of them moved toward me. … The dogs just didn't move," he continued. "The prison guards got another set of dogs and the same thing happened, but this time one of the dogs licked my face."

Shafie was eventually hospitalized and placed under house arrest, where, with the help of his friends, he was able to escape Alexandria.

"When I was escaping Alexandria I hid behind the police station, it was the last place they would look," he said. "I made my way to Sinai and there I stole a jet ski and I waited until it was 5:30 p.m. when the sun would be behind me and made my way towards the border with Israel."

Shafie was later granted asylum in Canada and founded his charity, which focuses on the persecution of Christians in the Middle East

Original Garden of Eden? U.N. Recognizes Wetlands in Iraq As World Heritage Site

Original Garden of Eden? U.N. Recognizes Wetlands in Iraq As World Heritage Site 

Iraqi wetlandsIRAQ – A vast complex of wetlands and marshes in the Middle East, believed by some to be the original Garden of Eden in Genesis, has been designated a world heritage site by the United Nations.

Last week the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced the addition of eight new sites to its world heritage list. One of the sites is the Ahwar of Southern Iraq—a place described by UNESCO as a “refuge of biodiversity” in southern Iraq.

“The Ahwar is made up of seven sites: three archaeological sites and four wetland marsh areas in southern Iraq,” UNESCO said in a statement last Sunday. “…The Ahwar of Southern Iraq—also known as the Iraqi Marshlands—are unique, as one of the world’s largest inland delta systems, in an extremely hot and arid environment.”

Although the Iraqi marshlands were severely damaged in the 1990s by Saddam Hussein, aggressive restoration efforts have revitalized the area.

Rest of the article here. http://christiannews.net/2016/07/25/original-garden-of-eden-u-n-recognizes-wetlands-in-iraq-as-world-heritage-site/


Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt spiralling out of control

Muslim attacks on Christians in Egypt spiralling out of control.

Full story here.

Christians mourners of Minya, Egypt following a mass execution by Islamic State
A senior bishop has issued a warning of an exponential spiralling of attacks on Christians in Egypt, home to three-quarters of all Christians in the Middle East.
Bishop Angaelos, head of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom, said in a statement that Egypt had become more vulnerable to a disturbing wave of radicalism because of recent events.

"It is regrettable that the time has come yet again to speak of heightened, targeted attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt. Tensions against Egypt's indigenous Christian community have again escalated over the past few months, and will spiral even further if not immediately addressed," he warned.

The main catalysts were inflammatory false rumours of affairs between Christians and Muslims, of new churches being built and a growing trend of directly targeting priests and their families.

"At their most brutal, these recent attacks have culminated in the burning of churches and places of worship, the stripping and public parading of 70-year-old Souad Thabet, and the senseless murder of Father Raphael Moussa," he said.

Downing Street
Bishop Angaelos of the Coptic Orthodox Church at an Easter reception with former prime minister David Cameron

Thabet was paraded naked through the streets by a mob in Menia, Egypt and a number of Christian homes looted and destroyed in May. No charges have been brought against perpetrators.

Trump Adviser: Economic Plan to Include Biggest Tax Cut Since Reagan

Trump Adviser: Economic Plan to Include Biggest Tax Cut Since Reagan

Image: Trump Adviser: Economic Plan to Include Biggest Tax Cut Since Reagan
 Donald Trump (Getty Images/Scott Olson)

By Todd Beamon   |   Saturday, 06 Aug 2016 09:17 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump will propose one of the largest tax cuts since Ronald Reagan in a new economic blueprint he plans to announce next week.

Trump will reiterate his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore told Bloomberg Television.

The nominee's plan also expects to lower the cost of this tax cut in terms of lost tax revenue by about two-thirds, to $3 trillion, Moore said, though he did not specify a timeline for this to occur.

"If you’re a working-class American, there’s no question that an agenda that cuts taxes, that gets rids of regulations, redoes some of these trade deals in ways that are pro-America, is going to help," he told Bloomberg.

Trump plans to unveil his plan for "revitalizing the American economy" in a speech Monday at the Detroit Economic Club.
Full story here. 



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